March 2019

4-Yr-Old for 2019

Petitclerc Doorman Alpine VG-87 MS:88
3-02 P. 14,841 kg 4.8% 3.3% (327-416-333)
Dams: Petitclerc Goldwyn Anouk EX-93 2E 1* · EX 9 * · EX-92 2E 16* 

From the same family of Alpine
Junior 2-Yr-Old for 2019

Petitclerc Control Arianna
Dams: VG-87 (MS:89) · EX 9 * · EX-92 2E 16*

Intermediate Yrlg for 2019 from the Spades family
Petitclerc Avalanche Suprem

Petitclerc Goldwyn Sidney VG-87 2Yr
4-01 365 15,418 kg 4.6% 3.4% (264-328-282)
All-Canadian & Tout-Québec Intermediate Calf 2012
2nd Dam: Brabantdale Jasper Spades
3rd Dam: Brabantdale Triumphant Spooky

March 2019
Gouldhaven Damion Ashley EX-3E
Gouldhaven Redlou Trudy EX
Gouldhaven Colt 45 Paradise VG-87
Rusendale G Mambo Millenium VG-86
Gouldhaven Moses Lillian VG-86
Gouldhaven Pepper Belle VG-85
Gouldhaven Bradnick Lee VG-86-2yr
Gouldhaven Rubicon Bambi VG-85-2yr
Gouldhaven Ladd Penelope GP-84-2yr
Gouldhaven Bradnick Bambi GP-83-2yr
Gouldhaven Brady Leanne GP-83-2yr
Gouldhaven Ladd Amanda GP-83-2yr

October 2018
Gouldhaven Apple Paula EX-3E
Gouldhaven Rainy Augusta EX-2E
Gouldhaven Aikman Hot Hue EX
Gouldhaven Liquid G Brittany EX
Gouldhaven Barnie Jojo VG-88
Gouldhaven Sweenview Lindsay VG-88
Gouldhaven Bookem Beyonce VG-87
Gouldhaven Magnum Liz VG-87
Gouldhaven Goldwyn Lily VG
Gouldhaven Liquid Gold Patsy VG
Gouldhaven Beemer Amy VG-87-2Yr
Gouldhaven Lou Locket VG-86 2Yr
Gouldhaven Apoll Lollipop P VG 2Yr
Gouldhaven Beemer Pamela VG 2Yr
Gouldhaven Solomon Amber VG 2Yr
Gouldhaven Avalanche Lucious GP-84 2Yr
Gouldhaven Bradnick Lee GP-84 2Yr
Gouldhaven Brady Lana GP-84 2Yr
Gouldhaven Bradnick Luna GP-83 2Yr

June 2018
Gouldhaven Apple Payton EX-3E
Gouldhaven Alchemy Lorraine EX
Gouldhaven Magnum Laurel VG-87
Producer Fever Sophia VG-86
Gouldhaven Awesome London VG-85-2yr
Gouldhaven Beemer Amy VG-85-2yr
Gouldhaven Solomon Amber  GP-84-2yr
Gouldhaven Armani Hot Hanna  GP-83-2yr
Gouldhaven Solomon Layla GP-83-2yr

February 2018
Gouldhaven Damion Ashley EX-91 2E
Producer Fever Barbie EX 2E
Gouldhaven Sweenview Liberty EX-91
Gouldhaven Rainy Augusta EX-91
Gouldhaven Atwood Emily VG-89 2nd calf
Gouldhaven Braxton Hot Hailey VG-87
Gouldhaven Redlou Trudy VG-87
Gouldhaven Colt 45 Paradise VG
Gouldhaven Rainy Jessica VG-86 2Yr
Gouldhaven Absolute Ace VG 2Yr
Gouldhaven Absolute Lisa GP-84 2Yr
Gouldhaven Awesome London GP-84 2Yr
Gouldhaven Moses Lillian GP-83 2Yr
Gouldhaven Pepper Belle GP-83 2Yr

October 2017
Gouldhaven Sweenview Liberty EX-91
Gouldhaven Epic Tally  VG-88
Gouldhaven Liquid Gold Beauty VG
Gouldhaven Rainy Taylor  VG
Gouldhaven Sweenview 45 Libby  VG
Gouldhaven Barnie Jojo VG-86 2Yr
Gouldhaven Rainy Jackie VG-86 2Yr
Gouldhaven Magnum Liz VG-86 2Yr
Gouldhaven Bookem Beyonce GP-83 2Yr
Gouldhaven Goldwyn Lily GP-83 2Yr

June 2017
Gouldhaven Apple Paula EX 2E
Gouldhaven Alchemy Lorraine VG-88
Gouldhaven Liquid G Brittany VG-87
Gouldhaven Epic Tally VG-86
Gouldhaven Aikman Hot Hue VG
Gouldhaven Anton Bessie VG
Gouldhaven Epic Erica VG
Gouldhaven Liquid Gold Bridget VG
Gouldhaven Lyster Julie VG
Gouldhaven Sweenview Lindsay VG
Gouldhaven Lotus Alex VG-86 2Yr
Gouldhaven Magnum Laurel VG 2Yr

January 2017
Can-Genes Aftershock Bambi EX-91 2E
Gouldhaven Apple Payton EX 2E
Gouldhaven Damion Ashley EX
Gouldhaven Rainy Augusta VG-88
Gouldhaven Alchemy Lorraine VG-87
Gouldhaven Atwood Emma VG-86
Gouldhaven Braxton Hot Hailey VG
Gouldhaven Liquid G Brittany VG
Gouldhaven Lotus Alex VG 2Yr
Gouldhaven Redlou Trudy VG 2Yr
Gouldhaven Colt 45 Paradise GP-84 2Yr
Gouldhaven Liquid Gold Patsy GP-84 2Yr

October 2016
Producer Fever Barbie EX
Gouldhaven Barbwire Jada VG-88
Gouldhaven Damion Ashley VG-88
Gouldhaven Heztry Jenny VG-87
Hedway Fever Avril VG-87
Gouldhaven Sweenview Lulu VG

September 2016

Welcome Ian Logan Gould
Congrats Jennifer and Scott

June 2016
Gouldhaven Absolute Polly EX 2E
Gouldhaven Atwood Emily VG-88 2Yr
Gouldhaven Sweenview Legacy VG 2Yr
Gouldhaven Sweenview Liberty VG-88
Gouldhaven Sweenview Lynn VG-87
Oconnors Epic Lady Luck VG-87
Gouldhaven Heztry Jenny VG-86

The Gould kids!

February 2016

Last Classification
February 2016

Gouldhaven Apple Paula EX
Gouldhaven Atwood Emily VG-87 2Yr
Gouldhaven Alchemy Lorraine VG 2Yr
Gouldhaven Atwood Emma GP-84  2Yr
Gouldhaven Sweenview Lindsay GP-84  2Yr
Gouldhaven Sweenview Lulu GP-84  2Yr
Gouldhaven Barbwire Lynda VG-88
Gouldhaven Sterling Pansy VG-87
Producer Fever Barbie VG-87
Oconnors Epic Lady Luck VG-86
Gouldhaven Fever Brin VG

September 2015

September 2015 

Gouldhaven Sweenview Liberty VG 2Yr
Gouldhaven Hot Savanna VG-88
Mapel Wood Man Oman Bambi  VG-87
Gouldhaven Damion Ashley VG-86
Producer Fever Barbie VG-86
Gouldhaven Windhammer Marg VG
Gouldhaven Apple Payton EX

June 2015

Max Lucas Gould
Congrats! Scott & Jennifer


Last Classification

Gouldhaven Barnie Amy VG 2Yr
Gouldhaven Sweenview Lynn VG 2Yr
Gouldhaven Barbwire Jada VG 2Yr
Gouldhaven Heztry Jenny GP-84 2Yr
Gen-I-Beq Sterling Lency VG-88
Gouldhaven Hot Savanna VG-87
Hedway Fever Avril VG-86


February 2015
Gouldhaven Sterling Pansy VG-86 2Yr
Gouldhaven Redlou Lollipop VG-86
Gouldhaven Apple Paula VG-88
Gouldhaven Absolute Polly EX
Gouldhaven Redlou Judy EX-93 2E


Master Breeders 2014

September 2014
Two Year Olds     
Gouldhaven Barbwire Lynda VG-87 2Yr
Glenalcomb Windbrook Annie VG 2Yr
Gouldhaven Rainy Augusta VG 2Yr
Gouldhaven Rainy Taylor GP-84
Gouldhaven Sterling Pandora GP-83
Very Good    
Gouldhaven Lava VG-88
Gouldhaven Apple Payton VG-88
Can-Genes Aftershock Bambi VG-87
Gouldhaven Picolo Jessa VG-86
Gouldhaven Redlou Judy EX-92 2E
Gouldhaven Absolute Pepper EX

July 2014

Congratulations to Jennifer & Scott

June 2014
Two Year-Olds    
Gouldhaven Damion Ashley VG 2Yr
Hedway Fever Avril GP-84 2Yr 
Producer Fever Barbie GP-84 2Yr 
Very Good    
Danna Sir Cleo VG
Gouldhaven Debonair Joyfull VG-88
Gouldhaven Hot Savanna VG-86

February 2014

The Two-Year-Old

Can-Genes Aftershock Bambi VG-86 2Yr
Gouldhaven Camden Lily VG 2Yr  
Gouldhaven Fever Brin GP-84 2Yr

Very Good Cows
Gouldhaven Absolute Polly VG-88
Gouldhaven Canuck Magic VG-88
Gouldhaven Miss Hot Red Burns VG-88
Gouldhaven Debonair Joyfull VG-87

Gouldhaven Absolute Pepper VG-87

Gouldhaven Sanchez Laney VG-86
Gouldhaven Carisma J-Star VG

December 2013

Bambi #86 GLPI in Canada (12/13)

Mapel Wood Man Oman Bambi VG 2Yr
2-01 365 14,589 kg 4.5% 3.5% (325-390-346)
GLPI 3088
Embryos available x Pepper
Flushing at the end of the month x Main Event

Exciting calvings this month
All animals will be genomic tested

Gouldhaven Miss Hot Red Burns VG-87 x Rainy
Micheret Hot Red Steven VG-88 6* x Aikman
Gen-I-Beq Sterling Lency VG-87 2Yr *RDC x Aikman
Dappledale HH Allure VG x Chipper P

September 2013

Gouldhaven inquired another great family

Can-Genes Aftershock Bambi VG 2Yr

Her 2nd dam :

Gen-I-Beq Champion Bambi EX 4*
3-09 14 351 kg 4.1% 3.2% (264-287-255)
Owned with Dannan Holsteins

October 2013


Huntshaven Sam Erin EX-91 2E
Gouldhaven Mr Burns Hot Hanna EX-91
Gouldhaven Primetime Beth EX 3E


Can-Genes Aftershock Bambi VG 2Yr 
Gouldhaven Sanchez Lana VG 2Yr 
Gouldhaven Absolute Polly VG-87
Gouldhaven Duplex Aero VG-87
Gouldhaven Apple Paula VG-86
Gouldhaven Lava VG-86
Gouldhaven Apple Payton VG
Gouldhaven Contender Liza VG

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